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8 Tips for Easier House Cleaning

8 Tips for Easier House Cleaning

Even if you have finished the autumn cleaning, these crafty ideas will be useful for the maintenance of the house at any time. There is a way to make the cleaning easy and fast if you follow these tips:

Practical apron – Instead of throwing the old apron, use it during the cleaning – fill its pockets with the necessary gadgets and materials to avoid the repeatedly returning for them while you are working. So your hands will be free to clean and scrub surfaces, even if you are walking around, from room to room. If the apron hasn’t got enough pockets or if they are not suitable for the purpose, you can sew it additionally. For the purpose fold up the bottom of a long apron and make several vertical seams to the two layers of fabric to form pockets.

Cleaning of the lusterless utensils – This simple chemical reaction will clean quickly and easily the lusterless utensils, without damaging them. The first step is to place them in an aluminum pan and sprinkle with a plain baking soda. Then pour boiling water enough to cover it entirely. When the stains disappear just remove the utensils and buff them with a cotton cloth.

Easy way to clean the decorative candles – The glass stands for decorative candles are very practical for holiday decoration or romantic date, but their cleaning can be very frustrating. Therefore you can use this simple trick – put the stands in the freezer for a few hours – when you bring them out, the wax will be shrunk and it will help you to remove it from the glass. Then clean the remains with hot water and dish soap.

Cleaning of the indoor plants – If your indoor plants are too dirty or faded by the heating at home, you can refresh them with a quick bath. Place the pots in the bathtub or on the floor in the bathroom and flush them lightly with lukewarm water, using the handle of the shower. For smaller plants wrap the pot with paper towel, held with a clip and carefully wash the leaves in a bucket of water.

Easily moving the furniture – To avoid scratching the surface when moving furniture, use this simple trick – rolled two towels (they must be clean) and place them under the furniture at both ends. Drag it to the desired location and remove the towels.

Protecting the bathroom from mold – When it comes to a mold, prevention is much more effective than solving a problem which is already shown up. As for the bathroom, which is most susceptible to mold because of the high humidity, there are several things that can prevent the occurrence of the unpleasant stains. First of all is the good ventilation (a window or a wall fan), continuous air circulation and humidity control. The third factor can be controlled by not putting a wet towels in the bathroom but hang them on the balcony. The other method is to use a special device to remove the moisture in the air. It is preferable to use open shelves and non-porous materials (e.g. for the curtain of the bath and the shower).

Cleaning of the lampshades – The lampshades of fabric you can clean quickly and easily with a simple roll which you use on clothes – its adhesive surface will collect the dirt without much effort, from both – outside and inside the lampshade.

Drying of the glassware – Drying the inside of glassware with narrow neck (carafes, vases and bottles) can be challenging. If you leave them to dry in the air, the water inside them will condense to the walls and that can cause discoloration of the glass. With this difficult task, however, you will deal easily if you put inside a funnel of tightly rolled paper towel, which reaches 3/4 of the height of the vessel. The paper will absorb the moisture and brought it out without condensation.

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