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8 Ways to Clean Your Bathroom

8 Ways to Clean Your Bathroom

A minute per day

The simplest technique for cleaning the bathroom lies in the perseverance – rather than spend half an hour every week to clean the room, create a habit to spend 1 minute a day after bathing to wipe with a cloth the bath, shower cabin and battery tap. This will remove the dirty suds and excess hard water and will reduce the limestone deposits. This will save the use of aggressive abrasive, which may damage the surface of the tiling.

Clean the curtains

When you finish with the shower and the tub don’t pull aside the curtain and let it air dry. If you collect it at one end there is a risk of water to linger between the folds and cause accumulation of dirt and mildew. Don’t leave the towels hang on the edge of the tub but hang them to dry in the dryer or outside. If you have a shower cabin, after you end with the bathing, remove the water on the walls using a special cleaner for windows with rubber tip. All these things, together with the regular ventilation will help you to reduce the level of moisture in your bathroom, and hence – the unpleasant odors and mold formation.

Provide circulation of the air

As we’ve already mentioned, the good ventilation of the room is a major factor in the fight with the molds. If you have a window in the bathroom, it’s enough to leave it open for a few minutes after bathing – so in the room will enter light and fresh air, and this will reduce the amount of excess moisture. If you do not have a window, you can use the built-in wall ventilation systems or special equipment – dehumidifiers (opposite of humidifiers).

Stop the molds

When we talk about a healthy environment in the bathroom, the presence of mold is a major factor. As we said, the good air circulation and reducing humidity are good tools to prevent the growth of mold. But when we have to deal with existing ones we should bet on special preparations for that purpose. Since the joints between the tiles are porous, they absorb fat from the cosmetic preparations and soap, which leads to the accumulation of mold – this buildup can clean with a solution of 10 parts water and 1 part bleach or a solution of special preparations against mold (in ratio specified by the manufacturer). To remove the remnants of the solution with bleach go top with a cleanser with a neutral pH (and do not forget to wear gloves all the time).

The monthly cleaning

Every two months clean the main pipes in your bathroom with special substances – it will protect them from serious blockages and deposits of fat and hair. Meanwhile, every week or every few days, you can purify the pipeline with the means at hand – pour into the canal half a cup of baking soda and immediately pour half a cup of vinegar. The mixture will froth and must stand for a few minutes until dissolved the overlays – finally pour a few cups of boiling water to wash away impurities.

Clean the dirty suds

The overlays of dirty suds you can clean using acid solution – a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean the debris. It is good during the cleaning process to wear gloves and finally thoroughly rinse with clean water.

Unclog the shower

If some of the holes on the handset shower are blocked, it is most likely due to accumulation of lime scale. You can clean them with a bit of white vinegar – fill a plastic bag with some vinegar and tie it securely to the receiver so that it is immersed in the liquid. Leave to soak overnight and in the morning, clean with a stiff brush and rinse.

Clean the bath toys

Take care of the health of your children by regularly cleaning their bath toys in a solution of water and vinegar – pour 1 cup of vinegar in 4 liters of water and soak the toys in the solution for 10-ish moments. Remove, clean with a sponge and allow to air dry. The acid in the vinegar cleans accumulations of dirt and is a natural disinfectant.

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