In fact, all of our home cleaning is another form of contamination of the nature. Just imagine what happens when every week tens of thousands of families decide that it is time to weekly home cleaning. Massive huge streams of toxic floor cleaners, bleaching solution and so on and so on dangerous detergents pour into the rivers and I suppose that the cycle after that is clear for everyone.

Of course the decision of this problem is not to leave our home to roll in the dirt. The solution or at least the way to resolve this issue starts with small steps. Changing the everyday habits is the first step on the road of the new lifestyle. That is the method to reverse this messy situation into a winning one, so we can use all the preferences of the modern world and to save the home of every one of us – the Earth.



At first you can start with something very small but with huge consequences – just take off your shoes outside the house. Think about all the dirt that you bring from inside and subsequently you need to clean more often and to use much more cleaning agents. A small step for you and a large for your clean home.

It’s a well-known fact that the one of the largest pollutants in the world are the batteries. They can’t be decomposed and their bad influence is practically eternal. Next time when the batteries in your home are finished maybe the best idea is to buy the reusable one. That is the best way to solve two problems at once – save the nature from the toxins and cut down your expenses.

If you frequently use paper towels, paper plates, paper napkins and plastic utensils to avoid dealing with dishwashing liquid, it is time to replace these products with eco-fashioned way of serving. Using napkins of fabric, cotton towels, dishes and utensils and containers that can be washed, it will significantly reduce our household waste, especially if you have children.

The disposal of garbage is one of the most boring chores for most of the people. There is a secret mode to do this action rarely – just squeeze the air from the plastic bottles and the cardboard boxes. This is the way to diminish the rubbish at home and to save place in the tumbrels. Other important moment with the garbage is the waste separation because that is the easiest way for the recycling of the dangerous household items. If we want to live in a clean world we need to take the responsibility for that matter.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the atmosphere in your home is to replace all bulbs with energy saving lamps. Depending on your budget and preferences can choose between CFL and LED lights that consume less energy and last much longer than the old bulbs.

There are many examples! The important thing is to decide that you want to make this change in your usual habits. From there on it is enough to think about it, to see how many are the ways to reduce the damaging for the nature in maintaining housework.