The washing machine is one of those devices that we don’t pay attention very often. And even more rarely it falls among the things that we need to clean at home. Perhaps that is happening because we consider it as cleaning instrument and not as a subject for cleaning. We just insert inside dirty clothes and detergent and after an hour or two take out the laundry clean and smelling fresh. Only when a technical problem appeared or odor from the drum, we remember to pay special attention to this unit. It is better; however, more frequently to take time to clean the washing machine because it will prevent appearance of mold and odor.


Cleaning the inside of the washing machine with vinegar and baking soda

This method of cleaning the inside of the washing machine is very easy and requires almost no effort on your part. You will need:

2 cups of vinegar

¼ cup baking soda

¼ cup water

A sponge for cleaning

A small clean bowl

Put the baking soda in the bowl and add water then stir until a homogeneous mixture results. Pour the soda squash into the section of the washing machine in which you usually put the washing powder. Take the vinegar and pour it into the drum of the machine. Choose a long wash cycle and the highest possible temperature then close the door and run the device. Using this ingredients for the inside cleaning of the machine will remove the limestone deposits and the beginnings of mold.


Cleaning the mold and eliminate unpleasant odors

If you miss the right moment and didn’t care for the washing machine in time maybe there is mold or odor inside it. Follow the next tips to clean it under the circumstances.


Washing the rubber gasket: The most common cause of odor in the washing machine is due to the stagnant water remained in the door gasket. Very often the mold is forming exactly in the rubber. To take care of this problem, add a little detergent for dishwashing in a bowl with hot water. Using a sponge, clean the rubber gasket of the washing machine. Then rinse with a solution of water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:1.

Odor removing with baking soda: Sometimes even after the cleaning of the gasket there is still residual smell inside the device. To get rid of it, make a thick paste of baking soda and water and brush the rubber. Let the mixture stand for several hours and then clean with a damp sponge.

Add vinegar to your laundry: If the smell is low, add a coffee cup of white distilled vinegar to your clothes. It will remove the smell both from your laundry, and the washing machine.


The most important question is how to prevent the mold formation and bad smell. To keep the washing machine clean for a long time you can do the following: Dry the gasket: after each washing you need to dry the rubber of the gasket with clean cloth because that is the easiest way to prevent the formation of the mold.


Leave the washing machine opened: After each use of the device, leave the machine door open for half an hour. That simple action will allow the last remaining water to evaporate and you will have no worries about the unpleasant smell.

Remove your laundry as soon as possible: do not leave the wet clothes to stay too long in the drum – any kind of moisture is conductive to mold formation and bad odors. If you prefer to use night mode laundry try to hang clothes immediately after becoming morning. The other option is if your machine allows it, set it to turn on in the final hours of the night regime so the clothes will stay inside less time.


These ways to clean the washing machine will help you to cope with the limestone deposits, mold and smell of stale. Do not forget from time to time to clean the machine externally, using soap and water.