Let’s start with the preparation of the needed equipment:


– Vehicles soap – It is entirely your choice, if you do not want to give additional funds you can choose some ordinary detergent, even the preparation of dishes.

– Wax – If you want a mirror and shiny surface, than you definitely need it.

– Sponge and cloth

– Baking soda – will explain why you need it later.

– Brush with hard bristles

– Detergent for tires – if you’ve seen in videos and movies, how the tires of cars shine with cleanliness, this is not achieved with plain water but by the use of a special detergent. If you’re picky about your car, then surely take one.

– Newspapers

– Vacuum-cleaner

– Vinegar and detergent for windows

– Detergent for soft fabric – To be more precise, we talk about those little tubes with hairs on the top, usually used in the cleaning of clothes and shoes.


We are going to start with the vehicle interior. If you decide to begin from outside to inside, certainly you will leave marks on the car or it will be smudged when you take out the dirty mats. Use the vinegar or the glass cleaner to burnish the windows from the inside. It is certain that you’ve left a mark on the glass or have a bug smeared. The better you have cleaned all the glass from the inside, so better visibility for you. With the sponge and the cloth, you can clean the dashboard and all the ornaments on it, including the steering wheel. It is likely that there has gathered a thick layer of dirt. If you are a true enthusiast of cars, you can take special interior wipes, it doesn’t cost much and you can use it about two months, depending on how often you clean. The newspapers that we’ve mentioned earlier are optional. Their use is included when you have already cleaned the windows and do not want to leave additional fingerprints. Just pinch newspaper to the glass and leave the door open. Another thing you can do is to leave the windows for last. So you will know that you have no more work in the car.


The sponge for clothes and soft fabrics we will use to clean as good as possible the floor mats and carpet in the car. True, the mats are on top and take most of the dirt, but there are corners and places that also need to be cleaned, such as near columns or around the pedals. The better clean the car, the more attractive it will look.


Since you have already cleaned most of the interior, now it’s time to knock down all small garbage that have remained on the seats, upholstery and so on. For excellent effect you should not miss any part of the interior using the vacuum cleaner. Once when the cleaning is finished the aroma in the car changes and if you use air freshener, you can feel its true fragrance.


Get the mats out of the car and leave it in the sun, no matter if you have already cleaned them with the detergent for fabrics. Then go under them with the vacuum cleaner. If your car smells like cigarette smoke or any other odor, sprinkle baking soda on the floor and after half an hour pick it up with the vacuum cleaner.


Once you have cleaned the interior, now is the time to get in on the outside of the car. For starters, you may begin as you park it in the shade. Do not think that by placing it in the sun is better. It will make the colors fade easily and even the wax will not help to regain their luster. Start with the cleaning of the ceiling but first wet the whole car. With a dry sponge remove all the dirt on the ceiling, don’t wet it in advance because it will absorb the water which you have already used. In this way the effect will be maximum and you will not have to rub with force. After all this scrubbing clean the windscreen and the back after it.


Now is the time to take the brush with hard bristles and clean the wheel rims. If you have alloy wheels, they are a big part of the car appearance. The more glowing are they more beautiful car will you have. Don’t forget to use the detergent for rims and tires.


Finally came the time for the wax. Spread the first layer as thinner as possible and let it dry for twenty minutes. After that period, spread a large amount of wax. That is the way to retain longer and your car will look even more glamorous.