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The allergens are all around us – especially in our homes, where we spend most of our time. They can be irritating even for people who are not allergic to anything. They are usually microscopic organisms that grow inside our homes and unnoticeably irritate the human organism, often causing breathing problems. They exist in several forms, but the most common are the dust and its components, the mold, fungi and skin flakes of pets. We offer you a “walk” through the house to locate some of the “hottest” spots for allergens.


We will start with the Entrance-hall as it is the first room in the lodging. It is recommended to use a doormat made of synthetic materials because the natural fibers (like hemp) can be broken off and become a breeding ground for micro-organisms, mold and fungus, which subsequently you can bring at home. Make sure that you will clean all the mats at least once a week. Other important thing is to clean regularly the dead insects plastered on the luminaires – because as they dry, they become a source of allergens. Do not compromise with the rule everyone who comes into your home to pulling off their shoes at the door. All kinds of shoes, which have been outside even for a moment, can insert in your home much dust, dirt, mud and other allergens.


The place where you sleep – the bedroom – needs to be as clean as possible because there is where you recover your strength every night. Declare a war on the domestic dust – clean behind the beds and closets, under the bed and the top of the attic fan. Always use a damp cloth because the dry one just spreads the dust around the room. Try to remove from your home the following elements which are a magnet for the allergens: like the large carpet covering the entire floor (or most of it) in the room, blinds and heavy drapes, thick blankets, everything made of feathers, stuffed animals and upholstered bed boards. If you cannot give up of these elements, make sure that you will clean it regularly from the dust, again with a damp cloth. It would be good to announce the bedroom for a place forbidden for pets – keep the door closed, so they couldn’t come inside. Collect all your bedding, including the blankets and the covers – wash all this at a high temperature (about 50 to 60 degrees). Then wipe with a damp cloth the mattresses.


The other important room in the house is the bathroom. First of all you need to check of the existence of mold which can be formed due to condensation. Make sure installations are properly constructed, because any leakage would increase the growth of mold on the walls. Cleanse the curtains in the bathroom at least once a month with hot water and soap. Clean the mat in the bathroom every week with a hot water because the high humidity and the heat is beneficial environment for the microorganisms and the mold. If you do not have proper ventilation in the bathroom it is needed to open the door or the window after each use of the bath / shower.


The living room is maybe the most important at home because this is the place where everybody gathers and spends a lot of time. Get rid of the old couch – replace it with a sofa upholstered in leather or vinyl, which are less conducive environment for the development of microorganisms. If you are sensitive to the allergens you should think about to opt out of the carpets at all. The massive flooring – like laminate, linoleum or wood, can be cleaned much easier because they do not hold allergens in such amount as the carpets. For the same reason, it is better to replace the blinds and sun visors of fabric with those made of other materials (aluminum, wood, laminate). Take care of the plants at home – put pebbles on the soil in the pots in order to stop the mold spores to spread in the air.


The kitchen is the temple of every home so this is the place where we need to be safe. Replace the open boxes for food and products with cartridges that close tightly – so you avoid the invasion of insects to food. Clean regularly the tray in the refrigerator, where the defrost water gathers. You can add a little salt inside to restrain the growth of bacteria and mold.

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No matter whether you are doing an upgrade of the house, fireplace in the bedroom or just changing the wallpaper in the kitchen, after repair is always dirty. The question is how to deal with all this mess? You can put newspapers on the ground, for example, but first you’ll need a lot newspapers, then you should carefully gather the newspapers and so on. This is a big occupation and not worth it, because almost always remain stains in some uncovered corner. So stop using newspapers and read the following lines.

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The professional cleaning is the best option for the maintenance of office, but not always possible to use it. There are effective methods for cleaning that can be done by anyone and after you finish, when you inserting the clients in the office, they will be very impressed by the cleanliness around. We have prepared a list of the places in the office which you have to clean, so you can have results of the highest level.

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Do you remember the moment when you’ve changed the old woodwork with the brand new window frames and how clean and shiny was the windows? Certainly it took you a lot of time to choose the proper kind of frame and to appraise all pros and cons. I’m sure that the choice wasn’t simple with so many things to consider – like the level of thermal and sound insulation, what materials are used for it, are they qualitative and durable, what is the best way to maintain and clean it and so on. That’s right, sooner or later, the problem with the cleaning will show up. Sometimes even too soon – especially if the substitution of the old woodwork is a small part of a large repair. The dirt which left after all kind of construction work needs to be cleaned as soon as possible because if you wait to much there is chance that you won’t able to remove it.


Even if you clean up your windows regularly from the inside, it is proven that almost every one neglected the wiping on the street side. This is a problem especially for the people who lived near the busy street or avenue, where a lot of dust is rising. The trees and flowers are the other reason for the necessity of regular cleaning because the pollens and leaves which they release magically adheres to the windows and your white frames are not so white anymore.


Whatever the reason, there is only one treatment for this problem – To roll up our sleeves and clean the windows. Very important thing is to keep the windows from damage while we wipe it so we can use it for a long time. There are several things that we need to know so we can do that job qualitative and effective. The good news is that the plastic (PVC) profiles are relatively easy to maintain. Even if they are very dirty after the winter, cleaning work is not complicated as long as you keep in mind a few simple things.


Let’s talk a little bit about the protective film, which covers the windows during the installation and which function is to protect the profiles from mechanical damage and scratching. Many people decided to leave it permanently, perhaps with the idea of protecting the surfaces as long as possible. That practice, except that it’s not very aesthetic, in addition is conceptually wrong. The truth is that you have to remove the protective stickers after windows are installed. If you leave them, they will become more difficult to unstuck. Their corners will detached under the pressure of the rain and wind and all the dirt from the environment will be stick inside. Due to this fact the moment when you decide to remove it will become a real nightmare.


The most dangerous enemy in the fight for clean windows is the small abrasive particles. No matter what is their origin, the tiny even invisible “wounds“ which they caused to the coating layers is the main reason for the contamination of the frames. To avoid this, we should clean the windows fairly regularly – at least once a season. It is recommended to use only soft and non-abrasive cleaners and you need to take a good look to the description of the label because it is very important what it says. It must be explicitly pointed that the ingredients are harmless to your windows.


The place which requires special attention is the rubber gaskets. The tire is more sensitive material, so try not to treat it with chemicals, especially those which could lead to its erosion. Grease the gaskets with a silicone or water based lubricant at least once a year but better on every six months to extend their lives and to protect them from cracking.


Preventive maintenance of the closing mechanisms also can save you a bunch of headaches. A few drops of a fine machine oil from time to time (but at least once a year) will protect it from unpleasant creaking, which is a warning signal that soon you might need to change some of the hinges.


Cleaning of the aluminum windows is not very different. However, it is important not to use abrasive cleaners, as well as those that contain acetone. In both cases the mechanical cleaning is not desirable and the best option is by hand. If the contamination is not deep, you can even use only cold water, but do not wipe in the dry to avoid scratches.

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Seeing heavily soiled aquarium each of us has wondered how to clean it in the best way. Whether to empty it, to wash everything and load it again or to clean it without ruin it completely? The answer is: if you ruin it completely you will kill all bacteria colonies that process the waste products inside. You can choose this option in case of extremely poor condition. Otherwise, roll up your sleeves and with our simple tips you will bring the fish-globe back into shape. Here’s what you need to do this:


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