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How Often You Should Clean Your Home

How Often You Should Clean Your Home

How often to clean a room depends on several factors. First, what is the purpose of the room – whether a living room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, etc. Another important thing to be considered is the frequency of use of the room.

For a start we will begin with the living room and the bedroom. To give your bedroom clean and orderly manner, always fix your bed and stretch the cover, so as not to remain pleats on it. In the living room wipe all fingerprints left on the shiny surfaces and manage the mess. Once a week, clean the dust from the furniture, wipe the mirrors and use the vacuum cleaner.

This is enough for these rooms, but what is needed to be done with the premises that become dirty more quickly like the kitchen and bathroom? They are next on our list.

The kitchen is the most frequently used room in most homes. Not only because this is the place where we cook and eat but usually this is the favorite room in the house where the entire family spends much of their free time. How often to clean the kitchen depends on how much time we spend there. Good idea is to clean it every time when we cook because it is certain that there will be dirty remainder. For example, wash the dishes immediately after use. This will protect us from being overwhelmed with a bunch of dirty dishes.

The same thing is true for the boards and plates. Clean them every time you use them. Use a detergent for washing dishes or cleaning spray for kitchen to get rid of stains and sticky residues from spills of food and liquids. To clean stubborn stains you need to use a solid part of the sponge or brush. Sweep the kitchen floor last so it will not soil again while you are cleaning other places in the kitchen.

As the trash can in the kitchen is used mostly for disposal of food waste, it is better to be cleaned at least once a month. When the food falls out of the garbage bag inside the trash, it quickly creates preconditions for development of mold and mildew. To wash the trash and remove odor, use a disinfectant for kitchens. Make sure it is well dry before placing new garbage bag in it.

The other cleaning chores can be left for the end of the week. They include cleaning of spilled liquids in the cabinet doors and furniture, washing the dish drier and wiping the floor. It is good when you start cleaning to choose a starting point (e.g. stove) and work from the top down and from left to right. So you will be certain that you will not miss any place.

The stoves and refrigerators should be cleaned as soon as something is spilled over them because this will save much more difficult cleaning in the future. It would be better if you frequently use the stove, to clean it mainly in every 2-3 weeks. If your oven has a self-cleaning option, after it finish, clean the remaining ash. If you do not have such an option, use a brush and cleaner for stove to remove the dirt and food residues. Do not forget to ventilate the kitchen when the cleaning is over. In the refrigerator pay attention to the food and its expiration date. Clean the shelves with proper detergent and water at least once a month.

There are some things at home that you do not need to clean so often and you can deal with it as a seasonal cleaning. Such things are: the steam cleaning of the carpet, washing the blinds and curtains and others. The cleaning of these things, you can reduce to three times a year. Clean the fan blades (on the ceiling) at the beginning and end of every season and once in two months if you use it all year.

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