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How to Clean the Mattresses at Home

How to Clean the Mattresses at Home

There is a fallacy that if the mattress is permanently covered with a sheet or bedding, it is sufficient to replace or wash only them. But the truth is that the average mattress contains 10 000 to 10 million mites feeding on dead human skin particles and the moisture, secreted by the body. These harmful microorganisms cause allergies, asthma and pulmonary diseases. Also in the mattress are held bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, moisture, dust and other allergens. That is why its cleaning is absolutely necessary and very healthy. Depending on the type of dirt on our mattresses, there are different techniques for their adequate cleaning so we can ensure an excellent result.

For example, if there is a spot of blood over the mattress, you can use hydrogen peroxide and white cloth to remove it. To deal with such a stain, you will need use the pure white cloth on it while the active substance reacts with blood to achieve optimal results. If you want to do a thorough cleaning of the mattresses at home, it is a good idea to take them out of bed and go to them with a vacuum cleaner on both sides to ensure the removal of trapped in household pollutants and dust. If your mattress I wetted, you will have to wait for a sunny day and get it out in the terrace to dry in depth. Remember that if you need to use liquid detergents to clean the mattress, it will have to dry them afterwards. Don’t rely entirely on the air condition or other device, the best way to dry it is the sun and the fresh air.

In this type of cleaning your best friend is the baking soda. Here’s how it its help we can eliminate all harmful microorganisms:

  • Put the sheets and bedding in the washing machine and wash it at a higher temperature.
  • Pour into a small jar one cup of baking soda and add a few drops of lavender essential oil. If you want, you can use oil with other flavor but the lavender is preferable because it repels any parasites, even mosquitoes and moths.
  • Then close the jar and shake it firmly as a shaker. Thus you will mix the baking soda with the essential oil. Take a large fine strainer and fill it with enough of the mixture in the jar.
  • Move the strainer on the mattress, by tapping it with your finger so that you can sprinkle throughout the mixture. Allow it to stand for not less than one hour. This time is necessary to allow the baking soda to absorb the moisture, dirt and odors from the mattress. Then, with the help of the vacuum cleaner, thoroughly clean the mixture and the dirt inside it.

Done! Your mattress is now more clean and refreshed!

This way to clean your place to sleep is easy and safe. Baking soda will absorb moisture and dirt and leave your mattress fresh and clean. Lavender smells wonderful and will bring pleasant and soothing aroma in your bedroom, which improves sleep. Furthermore, there is an extra antiseptic effect.

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