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How to Control the Germs at Home

How to Control the Germs at Home

Rinse with the vessels with warm water, no matter whether you put them in the dishwasher or washing it later. The longer it stays there, the greater is the likelihood that bacteria will multiply. If you leave it for more than a day in the dishwasher you should wash them again.

The sponges for washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen surfaces are porous, moister and they are in a contact with food residue and other impurities, which makes them ideal living environment for microbes. Therefore, before using them, sanitize them for about a minute in the microwave.

Avoid using the same tool for many activities. With the sponge designed for the utensils you need to use it only for them and after every cleaning, don’t forget to squeeze it well. The best material for cleaning the kitchen boards is a clean cloth moistened with a solution of warm water and soap.

The standard temperature in the refrigerator should be 4 degrees Celsius (maybe less) in order to prevent the multiplication of bacteria. Of course there are pathogens that survive in these conditions, so we need to monitor closely the expiration date of the easily perishing products and the environment in which they are stored (no moisture and air in the bag or box of food).

Use two vessels for water when you wash the floor with a rag or mop – one for the disinfectant solution (it is best to use bleach, as only it eliminates the germs certainly) and the other for rinsing. After each use, you need to clean, disinfect and dry the appliance itself.

Once a week, disinfect the kitchen sink with a solution of 1 tablespoon of bleach and 3 cups water, because as a constant source of moisture it is convenient haven for mold, fungi and microbes. Also rinse fruits and vegetables separately (to avoid cross-contamination) into a suitable container for drainage.

Closing the cover of the toilet is not just a Feng Shui recommendation. You actually have to close it before you turn on the water, as there is a real danger of the dreaded microbes, just like in the television ads, to be splashed out falling on your personal hygiene items. Regularly clean the container in which you hold the brushes and toothpaste, as the bottom collect water and mold and change the brush every three months. Disinfect regularly the sanitary ware and shower, wash the curtain in the bathroom and ventilate the room every day.

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