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How to Maintain Properly the Fridge

How to Maintain Properly the Fridge

1. Firstly remove everything that is over the refrigerator. Open it and remove all the food products inside and then unplug it.

2. The camera is probably covered with a thick layer of ice, which does not let the heat and refrigeration unit works much longer than necessary. Remember that Eskimos make their home from ice in order to keep it warm. Begin the thawing. In this case don’t follow the instructions to leave it off at night because in the morning you will find a flood in the kitchen. The thick layer of ice can be removed quickly with the help of a ventilator. Attach the fan on a table or chair, open the camera and turn on the fan so that it puts warm room air into it. After ten minutes, the ice begins to melt.

At the bottom of the camera spread a cloth which will swab up the water.

3. Wash the internal parts and the walls of the refrigerator with lukewarm water, which was dissolved in it a baking soda or a few tablespoons of vinegar in a liter of water. Wipe with a soft cotton cloth. Final dry the walls of the refrigerator and the camera.

4. Examine carefully the door gasket. Over the time, it gets old and does not adhere well. The best way to check it is with a piece of paper – if you push it with the closed door, you should feel a resistance when pulling it back. Check the entire contour of the gasket. If the problem is located in small areas, heat it gently with a hair dryer until the area is warm and restored it to the original form. If the problem is in a longer area – usually the top or bottom corner, you can adjust the suspension of the whole door using the screws that hold the hinges. And if the gasket is very old and cracked, call your technician to replace it. Do not delay the solution of this problem because through the damaged gasket ran the cold air from the refrigerator and in its place comes the warm and humid air from the room. The camera quickly covered with frost and refrigeration unit starts to operate abnormally long.

5. Pull out the entire refrigerator forward to have access to the cooler refrigeration unit. It is probably covered with a thick layer of dust. Clean it with a narrow nozzle and with appropriate brush. It is very important to clean the air gap between the cooler and the back wall of the refrigerator. Wipe it with a damp cloth. Return the refrigerator in place, leaving 5-10 cm between the cooler and the wall.

6. Reconnect the plug into the outlet. From now on be very careful during the exploitation. Do not leave products open – always cover it with plastic folio or use containers with a lid. Do not place the product too close to each other – let the air circulate freely around them.

7. Every time before you open the fridge, think what you want to take out from it. Don’t keep its door open for a long time.

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