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How to Wash Your Laundry not According to the Standard

1. Refresh your clothes with vodka

This is definitely an unusual approach that is worth to be tested. In theory, alcohol acts on the same principle on the spots as well as many of the expensive drugs. An additional positive effect is that it also kills the odor-causing bacteria. The minus of using strong alcohol is the possibility to be affected the color and fabric of the cloth. Women, who have tested the effect of vodka on old clothes to freshen them, claimed that after the experiment the laundry really smell better and look newer. It is not clear whether this is due solely to vodka or also to the fresh air as the clothes are left to dry in the open space.

2. Black coffee for shabby jeans

We all have favorite jeans which just stay in the closet for a long time because they are worn out by excessive wear. The natural dyes, contained in coffee, can return their brilliance so they look like new. You can make paint from coffee grounds and to soak the jeans in a bowl full of it or just to pour a cup of black coffee directly into the washing machine together with the washing powder. According to the experts, the coffee really works because it contains tannin, which colors the fabrics. Tannin is a natural plant molecule of the family of polyphenols and its main feature is binding and precipitation of proteins. The catch here is that you will probably be needed more than one cup to achieve the desired result.

3. Freezing of the silk clothes instead of dry cleaning

The dry cleaning is not the only way to handle with the maintenance of silk fabrics. There is a much easier way to do it at home. Wash the clothes by hand, leave it to dry, and then put it in the freezer. The icy air will kill the germs and will break down the grease. When the garment has frozen, remove it from the freezer and iron it, then leave it to dry again. The assessment of the experts on this method is that the freezer is not a good substitute for dry cleaning. In the silk clothing, the color is not related to fabrics chemically, meaning that careless washing can damage it. The ice option might work but not as effective as if you take the garment to dry cleaning.

4. The salt enhances the color of the clothes

Allegedly, if you add two tablespoons of salt to the detergent in the washing machine, the color of your clothes will look brighter. The salt and detergent interact chemically thus its effect is enhanced. The expert opinion is that the salt really affects the strength of detergent. Two tablespoons of salt, however, is not sufficient and the quantity of which you must wager is at least four such. It is important to know that if this trick is used on silk or wool, they will probably be damaged. It is best to try it with cotton first.

5. Milk against ink stains

Is it true that milk is able to remove ink from the clothes of the child, because it contains lactic acid? According to a skilled person, much better to use professional detergents to remove stains, rather than relying only on milk. The ink is extremely difficult to remove, so if you want to successfully deal with this battle not bet on home recipes.

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