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Professional Tips for Cleaning at Home

Professional Tips for Cleaning at Home

The windows can be cleaned very easily with a special detergent that is sprayed on the glass, then wipe with a dry cloth or chamois. There is another very effective way – in the water which you will use for washing it, pour half a cup of vinegar. Finally, wipe with a dry cloth.

The doors can be quickly and easily cleaned with water in which you poured a little dish soap.

The heating radiators collected quite dust that is difficult to remove with a vacuum cleaner. Spread newspapers on the floor and with a thin paint brush or old toothbrush remove the dirt between the ribs. Finally, wipe with a damp cloth other parts of the radiators.

Put on the vacuum cleaner the tip for upholstery and clean all ceiling lights, cornices, skirting boards, picture frames, books, chairs, sofas, and the gathered cobwebs in the corners and on the ceiling. Replace the tip of the vacuum cleaner and clean the floor, sofas necessarily wipe with a damp cloth, especially if you have a pet.

Clean the carpets with thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and then wipe it with a cloth dipped in vinegar water. Thus the colors will shine. If they are very dirty, take it to a car wash, where you can wash them with a steam cleaner. This will save you the bother of scrubbing and very difficult drying.

In the kitchen

To thaw the refrigerator and freezer more easily and quickly, open the door and put on one of the shelves a container with hot water. Remove the drawers and wash them and when the defrosting is completed, clean the shelves and walls with a cloth moistened with vinegar to remove odors that sometimes appear inside the refrigerator.

Empty the cupboards one by one and then remove the utensils and other items from the drawers. You can wipe them with a damp cloth dipped in a cleaner or vinegar water. Wash everything removed, wipe and arrange cupboards again. Finally wash the floor – if it is covered with linoleum or tile with disinfectant and flavoring agent and if it is covered with parquet or laminate – with washing detergent suitable for wooden surfaces.

In the bathroom

In each store you can find a wide range of detergents and disinfectants for the bathroom and the directions on the labels explain really well exactly how to use it. Thus you can quickly and easily clean the terracotta and faience. The cabinets and shelves clean with a damp cloth dipped in a preparation but before that throw out all empty tubes, bottles, cans and the other small unnecessary things. Do not forget to soak in water and suitable detergent the bath curtain in order to remove the formed suds stains and possible mold. If you have a shower cabin, clean it assiduously with the proper cleaners.

In the corridors and the balconies

Remove all the clothing from the closet in the hallway and hang them on the balcony to ventilate thoroughly. Wash the laundry and remove and clean the shoes if it is necessary. Wipe the inside of the closet with a damp cloth and leave it open to ventilate. If you have noticed appearance of moths or cockroaches, spray with appropriate preparations and only then arrange the clothes and shoes inside.

Clean the cobwebs and the dust from the ceiling and walls with a vacuum cleaner and finally wash the floor with disinfectant and flavoring agent.

Throw away from the balcony the gathered trash. Clean the flowers from the wilted or rotting branches and leaves. Wipe the pots and wash their plates. Wipe the skirting boards from the dust and arrange the pots again. Clean the cobwebs and wash the floor.

If you follow this simple order, the cleaning of the house will be much easier or you can always call us for help!

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