Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service in London

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Information

The dirtiest part of every home is the floor and especially the carpets that cover it. Every day there are different kinds of filth which stick to the cloths. The most dangerous of it is the domestic dust because it can cause allergic reactions. That is why our deep carpet cleaning with professional equipment and cleaning agents are the best solution for you. The colors will get back its first brightness and your rugs will become as brand new.

Contact us and there will be no need of new carpets. Please note that the minimum amount for order is £50 and it has to be paid in advance at the latest two days before the cleaning. For the other cases, we require half of the amount paid in advanced at the latest two days before the service. If the condition of the carpets and upholstery require multiple washing procedures, we may need to charge you additionally. Please, bare in mind that the rates are approximate.

For final rate, please contact the office.

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