Regular Domestic Cleaning Service in London

Regular Domestic Cleaning Information

The time is the most important asset in the world so don’t lose it with things like cleaning. Let us do those necessary chores instead of you. The things are simple – just tell us how often you need your house to be magically cleaned and we will do what is need to be done. Basically that includes cleaning of all outside surfaces of the furniture, kitchen and the sanitary facilities.

Please note, for the regular service the client provides the needed detergents and equipment but we will send you a list with everything needed. The rate is for one cleaner and minimal duration 3 hours if the service is weekly or minimum 4 hours if the cleaning is fortnightly. Please contact us for any requests regarding different duration or frequency.

Price: £ 15 per hour / min 3 hours per visit – weekly service

  £ 16 per hour / min 4 hours per visit – fortnightly service