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Useful Tips for the Cleaning of Pet Hairs at Home

Useful Tips for the Cleaning of Pet Hairs at Home

Bring your pet out of the house

To be able to clean it properly, the first thing you need to do is to get rid for a while of your dog or cat. The dog can be take out for a walk of someone close but the cat may be more problematic, because the most appropriate solution is to leave it to the neighbors for a few hours. Hardly anyone will deny you watching the cat for two hours. However, you should make the most of the time so you can be able to clean every single place at home.

Couches, beds, chairs and other

Start every cleaning always from the top floor. It will be great if you can pull out all the couches outside on the terrace but before that it is compulsory to beat it out so all the garbage can fall from it. It is recommended to pass it with the vacuum cleaner to make sure that you robbed the maximum amount of your pet’s hairs. All this includes its toys, bed and everything it touched or stood over. If you care properly for the animal, there is no need to worry about fleas and all, but just in case take a good look when you clean its bed.

Look for special equipment for cleaning of animal hair

Of course, an ordinary broom and shovel can help, but the difference is huge when you use a special brush or solvent. You can try by using the brush for the grooming of your pet, but do not press hard because you can tear the oft surfaces. Be gentle and careful. You may also search for special cleaning products for fur. There are not that expensive, but their results are definitely something different. If you can remove all the covers that you dog or your cat has used for laying and you can wash it – do it. The fabrics will regain its previous color and smell and the washing definitely worth it if your pet is pulling a lot.

Clean the toys of your pet

They also will be full with all kind of microbes, hair and so on. They should be washed on high temperature, but not so high that could damage them. If you do not want to fill the whole washing machine with several plush toys, better wash them in a washbasin with a suitable detergent. Do not use strong chemicals because it can harm the animal. A combination of soda, water, vinegar, soap, washing-up liquid and others may work great. Just be careful what you mix and in what quantity.

Clean the bawls of your pet

They are also a place for contamination of any kind. It is best to clean it thoroughly with the most suitable products and if they are damaged or too dirty that even the solvent cannot clean them – just replace them. Hygiene is an important part of the live of the pets and besides, it will remove any remaining food will refresh the new one.

The floor

We passed quite a lot of the house and the property of the pet now is the time to clean thoroughly the floor. First go with a broom and shovel or even with hands to collect the larger dirt as fluff. You may not want to clean with the broom, but definitely do not want to clog the vacuum cleaner!

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