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6 Tips for Healthy Autumn Cleaning

6 Tips for Healthy Autumn Cleaning

For you the cleaning can be an easy job, but have you ever thought how it affects your health? Insect remaining, dust and preparations – all these things can influence the body instantly or over the time. At first glance it may seems perfectly safe, but if you look more closely, it appears that while you are clean there are teeming factors around which are threatening your health. According to the experts sometimes solution to the problem germs and dirt may be more dangerous to health than the problem itself, as common in households are used aggressive and dangerous cleaners. Some of them can be replaced by much safer products that also are much cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Such products are baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice. See some ideas for healthy and safe home care.

1. Clean in the correct sequence.

It makes no sense to clean the floor with a sponge and then wipe the dust from the cabinets or the chandelier. To clean so as to remove more dirt and germs, the cleaning should be effective. This means systematic action so that you do not have to clean one place twice, often smearing extra dirt. Move in only one direction – from left side to right or from the top to the bottom. For instance, it is better to start from the ceiling and upper walls, go descend to the windows and furniture and of course you need to leave the floor last.

2. Clean the things that you never think of before.

Not everyone knows that the mattress attracts various kinds of microorganisms, some of which can cause serious allergic reactions. Therefore you should wash its cover at least once every two months in hot water (at least 60 °), while the mattress clean with a wet cloth and hot water. We’ll remind you of some spots that you maybe often forget to maintain:

– The handset – according to the specialists this is one of the places which collects multitude germs, bacteria and viruses.

– The dustbin- especially one placed in the kitchen and bathroom; emptying does not mean that you clean them, so it should be cleaned regularly with a brush and hot water (you can add a suitable detergent).

– The fireplace – a blocked chimney is not only unpleasant for the cleanliness of the home, but can be dangerous for the health – it can ignite suddenly and return the carbon dioxide back into the house.

3. Clean with a woolen cloth.

While rubbing the wool creates static electricity, which attracts dust and dirt. For this purpose you can use old wool socks, sweater or blanket.

4. Clean the silver surfaces with toothpaste.

Some cleaning products for silver contain many hazardous substances. The good news is that you can replace them with ordinary toothpaste. Rub the paste with your fingers or a cloth, then rinse with warm water and polish with a soft cloth. For larger silver vessels you can use a paste of baking soda mixed with a little water and placed on a sponge.

5. Cleaning the cutting board.

According to some studies, on the cutting board can be found up to 200 times more bacteria than on the toilet. To clean it perfectly, after you wash with preparation for dishes, sprinkle the board with clear 5% vinegar and leave it to work overnight. You can wipe additionally with a swab containing with alcohol.

6. Ecological cleaning of the carpet.

Easy and safe cleaning of carpets you can do with the help of the baking soda – sprinkle it on the carpet and then blend well, leave for some 10 minutes and then sweep / clean with a vacuum cleaner. Baking soda absorbs not only the dirt but unpleasant odors. You can also use corn starch, which absorbs the grease and the dirt in depth.

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