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Let’s Save Some Time – Tips for Busy Moms

Let’s Save Some Time – Tips for Busy Moms

1. Get organized.

It is amazing how many people waste time on activities such as – to find your keys, your phone, the red shirt or the special footwear. Take time to arrange everything around you i.e. your life. This will save a lot of time ahead. Make places for all belongings at home – yours and these of your children. If you know where to find everything it will be much easier to clean it.

2. Clean for a few minutes every day

The golden rule is to stay on top of the mess to control it. Instead of cleaning the whole house at once so you can bring it to shine, spend few minutes every day for cleaning. Your home will always be flawless and ready for visitors. Make a schedule for cleaning the house and create a habit every day to clean a different part. Once you do it, you’ll be motivated to keep your house look great without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Simplify the cleaning

Be methodical and simplify the cleaning to save time. Divide the home of easy to clean areas. A pleasant and useful way to deal with the clutter is to donate old toys, clothes, books and other items. This will reduce the things that you should care of and in the same time will please someone who really needs them.

4. Include the children in the cleaning

Mothers can always use an extra pair of hands. Those little hands are usually willing to help when it comes time for household chores or work around the house. Distribute the relevant obligations to the children. Young children may be involved in small responsibilities and teenagers can be assigned with bigger roles for cleaning. When everybody takes part in the cleaning, the responsibilities of the mother decrease. Other positive result is that the joint efforts draw closer the whole family.

5. Dealing with one room at a time

The house is dirty? You start cleaning of every square meter in your home and you are wondering how to clean the entire area. Focus on one room at a time to make housework easily manageable. Plan a cleaning room by room – kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, so you are not be overwhelmed. If you go in for many things at once the only thing that you will do is to lose your time. So, pick a room and start cleaning.

6. Look beyond the obvious

Real perfect cleaning is beyond ordinary dust, sweeping and mopping up the counters. Look beyond the obvious tasks to keep your home clean and free of germs. A common problem for most parents dealing with difficult stains such as after entertainment with crayons, markers and other outdoor activities. Pay attention to these often neglected problems in dealing with the daily dirt and clutter. When cooking, even the most delicious dishes can leave odors in the air, which can easily be eliminated. And when the garbage starts to smell, it feels as if the whole house is dirty. Get rid of these odors before ever occurred. These small elements of your household cleaning ritual usually appear in every house with children. Attention to the details and proper time management is the key to effective cleaning of the house especially when it comes to busy parents.

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